A wide vision of your business.


There are many advertising agencies nowadays. Of all sizes and portfolios. A great number of them are capable of presenting good graphic and electronic works to your company. However, when you need to develop a concept for your business, add soul to your products and provide a meaningful reason for the consumer to choose yours rather than many other brands, you realize that there are only a handful of companies with this qualification and experience. DFA has been in the market for 33 years. It is one of the few companies that can offer a broad strategic vision of your business, applied to the solutions in marketing and advertising you need. DFA is also one of the few agencies that dominate the modern Rebranding techniques, positioning and expanding the business possibilities of its clients. DFA guides decisions. Its work is not restricted to drawing the consumer's attention superficially, but rather, putting it into action, involving the consumer's visual, auditory and kinesthetic senses. Action that generates tangible results, as it influences sales, and intangible results, as it improves the power and scope of the companies' image. This work is more than a simple choice. It is a right you can buy.



Beyond concepts


DFA is more than an advertising agency. It is a company which aids business development by means of integrating three vital areas: marketing, advertising and the web. The reason is simple. You don’t prepare an efficient strategy without the marketing vision of the product, from its manufacturing to its after-sale. From the comprehension of this process you get the elements not only to set up a marketing strategy but also to create a communication concept where online and off-line actions are combined, be it for tangible or intangible products. Even in companies where there is a marketing department or marketing management, DFA’s 32-year experience is an important differential for enhancing agility.


The differential of a product or service


DFA’s concept and dissemination strategy follows a line of thought known as “product of product”, in which the focus on creation has as its aim the main benefit or user image that a determined product lends to the consumer. In other words, the ‘benefit’ , the ‘usefulness’, the ‘advantages’, the ‘differential’, or the ‘image’ of those who use it is the product within the product itself. Thus, as you sell the product of a product you insert an idea in a context which the potential consumer knows and understands. Classical examples of this strategy are the holes made by electric drills; hope - the product of product of cosmetics; the consumer dreams as extensions of credit cards, etc. Surely the difference between the product and its “product” will always be in the creativity of the advertising agency.